The Blade

An interactive installation celebrating the connective power of the sun and breakthrough LED technology.

Category: Interactive installation
Team: Nik Hafermass, Ivan Cruz, Blossom Liu, Maddie Ma, Danny Grey, Chris Taylor
Year: 2019

Inspired by the Sun

An international tech client wanted to to communicate the power of their revolutionary LED technology — light that embodies the sun. Our team concepted an interactive installation that lets visitors experience the power of pure light on a massive scale.


This project was a first for ArtCenter: a student team collaborating with Triad Berlin and a real-world client. We created small-scale prototypes and VR sketches to iterate quickly and discovered that simple forms best communicated the power of the light. Through its simple form, The Blade shows off the power of these lights in an immediate, immerse manner.

Constant Change Berlin

To celebrate the end of our trip, we threw a party. We designed audio-reactive visuals for the DJs and multi-media installations for guests. I designed the typeface, Platz, used throughout.

We built an audio visualizer in Processing with 12 different code sketches that can be combined for an endless array of visual combinations.